For some reason this is not allowing me to put my pictures in the order I would like them. In this picture, we are actually on our way home from Kayla’s photo shoot in Panama City. Doesn’t she look beautiful! Can’t you tell she is thrilled!

This is Davey. Davey did Kayla’s hair and make- up. He has also done Taylor Swift’s hair and make-up and for the Sports Illustrated girls! Kayla was thrilled!

This is Kayla’s agent, Bobby Duerr of BMD Models & Talent out of Roswell, GA.

Kayla with Davey (hope I’m spelling his name right!)

These are the pics I took; we had a great time. Kayla didn’t want to leave! Having her hair and make-up done was a huge treat for her.
On the way to Panama City, on two different occasions, we saw birds eating off of dead carcases in the middle of the road. As nasty of a visual as it was, it was my comfort. “If He will provide for the birds of the field, how much more will He provide for one of His!” We’ve had minimal pie orders since National Discovery. I haven’t been pushing it as much because I started selling AVON; still, we have worked hard; and still selling candy bars. We had to take money out of our food and bill budget in order to finish paying for the shoot. I have been stressing over it all morning and for days to be honest. Every time I would give it to the Lord, I would just pick it right back up. As silly as this might sound, seeing those birds eating, gave me the comfort I needed to know we are going to be OK. Do you know how comforting that is?! Sigh….
Well, it’s 20 till 5; my mom is coming over to eat dinner and I haven’t started it yet. Enjoy the pics. I also have some on my facebook.