Our garden is progressing nicely. Christopher and I planted over 142 seeds, they are doing very well. Not all have bloomed, but well over 3/4’s. Once Christopher gets home today we will take some of the green bean plants to Memaw’s as her garden area is completely ready; ours is not. We’ve been raking and digging a little each day. I also noticed today our potatoes are growing! Saw first signs of green breaking out of the ground so covered those suckers up. I have no idea how to grow potatoes, so went to several web sites about that… this being the first year, I’ll be thrilled to just learn how to do it correctly; if they produce, well hey, that’s even better!

Kayla and I leave between 6 and 7 a.m. tomorrow for Panama City. Her photo shoot is tomorrow at 10:00. We should be back home by 3:00. Chris is staying home with the kids. Once the comp cards are done; hopefully Kayla will start getting some work to help pay back all these expenses. I told her if the Lord provided, we would continue walking through the doors; but if He didn’t, then it was time to stop.

Gotta run, time to fix lunch for the kids.