First, let me give you an update on my husband. The CT scan came back showing infections in most of his sinus cavities. Now, that is after 4 rounds of antibiotics already! He started his 5th round yesterday. He will get the results of his ultrasound on his gallbladder tomorrow. He was sick in bed from pain yesterday. Will update the official diagnosis tomorrow.

NOW, I have some exciting news! My friend Gail, the one I wrote about over a year plus ago, that left Pensacola to go help start a church in Ohio…you know, the one that is legally blind and just picked up and moved… I hope that will entice you to read about her; well, anyway, she is coming home! She will be moving back in June. We’ve already found her an apartment close to Olive and close to me (yeah!). Now, I need you to pray for Gail. Gail needs a washer and drier. It does not have to be new; she just needs it to work! Gail does not work, she lives on disability due to her blindness and social security. So, please pray for her, pray that the washer and drier will be provided in what she can afford.

Thanks ya’ll. I have an AVON meeting this morning and am getting a hair cut afterwards. I haven’t had a hair cut in months and months and need a “style.” Even blow drying my hair leaves it stringy… ewe.

More later.