Kayla spent the night at a friends last night; she’ll be home soon. The other two kids and I have been out in the garden this morning. Chris planted some seeds about 7 days ago so I covered them with plastic to try hurry up the germination process. Watered the other garden area where the potatoes and cucumbers are. Christopher helped me plant seeds the other night (over 142 of them) in one of those seed starter things. I needed to get my seeds started, but still have so much to do to get the dirt ready for planting…. gardening is so therapeutic for me. Some of the best Bible studies for me have come from the visuals the Lord gives me in gardening….hence the name of the book I’ve been working on….”Pullin‘ Weeds.” Well, I haven’t been working on it lately, but do plan on getting back in to it. I hope my younger two pick up on the importance of gardening, as my 16 year old hates it. Of course, if I had started with her as early as I have with them, things might be different.

Chris went to Sam’s for me as he has the Sam’s card and I don’t since I am not working at Pine Summit anymore.

The kids were ready to come in, so once Chris gets back home I’ll had back out. I think he is going to umpire a couple ball games today. Some leagues are hosting a fundraiser tournament for something…can’t remember…but he wanted to donate his time for that. Other than that, I don’t have to go anywhere today! My house is a wreck as I haven’t done anything since getting home from Panama City last week. I am thankful the tickets to the E-Women’s Conference sold or I’d be there and not home. While I’m sure many will be blessed by it, for me, this particular weekend would have been just one more thing for me to have to do and put off one more thing at home that “has to be done.”

Have pics of the kids to post later from the mud event in the driveway. I think I’m gonna try finding a truckload of pine straw to eliminate all the mud in my driveway.

I’ll also have my AVON sight up and running this evening.

Gotta run.