My prayer has been that if the Lord wants me at the women’s conference today/tomorrow; then he would provide for me to pay for the tickets. Well, the tickets haven’t sold and He hasn’t provided the $80 to reimburse my friend who bought me the tickets; so….. I am trusting Him to sell the tickets today; or provide the money today.

Bandit is back at the vet. Will know more this afternoon around noon.

I’ve been looking into selling Mary Kay; Avon; Tupperware. I have to supplement my income from not working; and be able to pay for Kayla’s modeling. While I would love to sell Mary Kay, I don’t think I have the time, money or patience to start and build a clientel. Tupperware…not really interested in; but; Avon has caught my attention. I’ve been praying about which direction to go, praying that the Lord would widen my vision on ways to bring in extra money, and for some reason, Avon just keeps coming back to me. I have an appointment at 10:00 to meet with a local director. It only cost $10.00 to get started. I’ll let you know what I decide; although I do sense the Lord’s “wooing” in that direction.

I would appreciate your prayers for my Kayla. I can’t get into it, but she has to make some tough decisions in the next few days. If the tickets to the E-Women’s’ Conference don’t sell, then she is going with me. Hhmmm….just had a thought, maybe this weekend is for her?! Wow!

Much to do; it’s only 8:30 and have already gotten Christopher to school, Bandit to the vet, my blood work done…. drinking my first cup of coffee as my blood work was a fasting one; then start Kayla’s schoolwork.

Continuing to trust in Him.