Sick Kitty

We have a sick kitty. Bandit. He is our 7 month old kitten that we got when he was 4 weeks old. He got into my sewing stuff and swallowed red thread. I thought we got it all out; but he was hiding all morning and not being his normal wild self. Called the vet, and they wanted to see him pretty quick like. His abdomen is sensitive. X-rays were non-confirming. They gave him this liquid stuff to drink, kept him today to do x-rays every 2 hours. If the dye goes through his body, then he is OK; if it doesn’t, then he will have to have surgery.

Kayla, my oldest has started a blog. Check her out…. She’s a little long-winded; opinionated, but fun and is as level headed as a 16 year old girl can be 🙂

Gotta run, have a child in the bath, one playing Lego’s, and my garden still isn’t finished.

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