I have been so tired since returning from Panama City; can’t seem to catch up on rest and get going! I still haven’t finished unpacking….but did get the dirty laundry washed.

I still have two EWomen’s conference tickets for this weekend to sell at the early bird price of $40! They are selling for $60 now and then $80 at the door. If you know of ANYONE that would be interested, please contact me. I also have a friend who has five tickets to sell. If I hadn’t been gone all last week/weekend I would be going; I am really just so tired…..plus I have Chicken Pot Pies to make this weekend…..! I am trying to find ways to raise money for Kayla’s pictures and traveling expenses; if you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know! The profit on the pot pies are not all that great; of course, anything is better than nothing! Another reader has a friend who makes cookies; she has offered to make them if I buy the ingredients…. what do you think? Would home-made cookies be a good thing? I used to clean houses; I might call some of my old clients and see if they have stuff I can do to earn extra money…. I just seem to be a dead end for ideas.

OK; much to do today. I appreciate your prayers for Kayla as we take on this new adventure; and your prayers to sell these tickets for EWomen’s Conference!

More later.