We just received an email from Bobby Duerr. He is the agent out of Atlanta that Kayla and I both really liked. SHE MADE HIS FINAL CUT!! Woohoo! Kayla is bouncing off the walls hysterical ya’ll! We will need to return to Panama City in two weeks to have photos taken. We are continuing our fundraisers of selling Chicken Pot Pies/Beef Pot Pies and of course, our chocolate bars! The photos are $395 with a $195 deposit. Ya’ll, my prayer through this entire ordeal has been that the Lord would provide; if He did provide, that we would walk through those doors. If He doesn’t provide, then we know this was not the avenue for Kayla to walk through. While she and I are both thrilled about this; we both know that “no good thing will be with-held from her.” I would appreciate your prayers for us as we continue walking through opened doors. At this point I am trying to find a part time job to work that won’t interfere with Kayla’s homeschooling and kill us in childcare expenses for Kaitlyn. Again, we would appreciate your continued prayers.