A week ago Sunday I made a fresh commitment to the Lord. I committed to put Him first, our money, my time….everything. It’s been harder than I thought it would be. I/we haven’t tithed in six months. I was angry with God and the situation He allowed to come upon us. Part of me wishes I hadn’t made that new commitment as I am stressin’ like crazy. I keep giving each commitment back to the Lord, but keep taking it back.

Yesterday I had to make a quick run to the doctor. I got pink eye! This morning, I wake up with red splotches of rash and itching. Wednesday morning, Chris and I took Kaitlyn and Christopher on a walk…the kids were going nuts and Kayla had a friend spending the night, so our attempt was to get the kids out so they could sleep. We went through a dirt road/trail and ended up walking all through the woods. We had a good time. Along the way I noticed several patches of a vine. I panicked. I thought it looked like Poison Oak. My concern was quickly tossed aside, as I am know to worry about things. I guess I should have taken my own advice to my kids to wear tennis shoes. I’m the only one that has broken out.

I believe there is a spiritual battle over me and my family right now. One I can’t see…. fortunately, I know who wins; or I’d be more discouraged than I am!

Spend time reflecting today, on what this day means…. Good Friday….. Jesus was born, in order to die, be raised again, in order for us to live! Hallelujah!