Christopher had a good day today; he did not take a nap, but he did rest quietly and did not disturb the other children, which has been a problem. Thank you for your continued prayers. Oh, and the school Christopher attends is having him tested for sensory issues also. That was actually volunteered to us today 🙂

Kayla received her final itinerary for the convention. I am thrilled to say we’ve been able to pay for everything, (including a hotel)! All the pies and candy bars we sell between now and then will go towards the expense of gas and food for those four days. What we weren’t able to raise, we have had to pay for out of our bill money. Money is tight. Kayla is starting to feel guilty; but at the same time she seems to forget how much this is costing and how tiring it has been…. oh well. I have told her we would walk through this door as long as the Lord provides, and that He has been doing.

Gotta get dinner started…..