Christopher has a very difficult time going to bed when I am not home. I don’t know why, he just does. Wednesday night was no exception. He had just fallen asleep when I got home from the ER with Kaitlyn; that was right at or about 9:00 pm. Because I’ve noticed a difference in him when he does not get enough sleep; we decided to let him sleep him. We then decided to not wait until Saturday to put him on Aderall, but started him on it yesterday (Thursday). He did very well. It did alter his appetite at lunch time; but by dinner time he was pigging out! For the most part, Christopher was very calm yesterday, and even followed directions very well…..until…….he started coming off the medication. He was very emotional and just hard to deal with. That could have also been because he was tired and didn’t get a nap yesterday also. Unfortunately, Christopher did not get a good nights sleep either. He was up from midnight to a little after 2 a.m. Sleep problems is a side effect of Aderall; but, I know when I don’t get a good nights sleep, I am usually restless the next night….. so we will continue to monitor him. We did send him to school today. He had his medication….I am anxious to hear how he did.

Kaitlyn has not “passed” the stick yet that she swallowed. I have a call in the doctor’s office.

Chris starts vacation Monday. He has to work on Sunday, of course, but will be off through Friday of next week. We are planning on taking the kids to the Naval Aviation Museum on Monday that is at NAS. Christopher, I think will enjoy it with all the plans and ships…. Kaitlyn will usually follow suit with Christopher, so we’ll build it up big for her…just in case. Kayla, she’ll enjoy it since Justin is going with us 🙂 We were planning on going to the beach a few times next week, but this mornings forecast for the week calls for temps in the 30’s with high in the 60’s…. hhhmmmmm…. I love the beach, but I’m not for freezing to enjoy it. We’ll have to play that one by ear. I also haven’t been able to get my garden planted…. Chris has it on the “honey-do” list …. I am definitely looking forward to that! I love gardening and being able to enjoy the fruits and vegetables we work hard to grow.

Christopher will be home in about 20 minutes. Kayla is taking a nap. For some reason she was up well past midnight with not being able to sleep also. Lucie watched Kaitlyn for me for almost two hours so I could get some rest after being up with Christopher last night. I’m draggin’ today! Will update later on how he did.

Enjoy the sunshine!!!!