I spent over four hours in the Sacred Heart ER last night with my 3 year old, Kaitlyn. She came in from playing in the mud puddles crying, tell me “there was a stick her in mout.” (that’s not a typo…mouth, comes out mout.) I tried tricking her by asking her, “come outside and show me the stick.” She shrugged her shoulders at me and said, “I can’t, it’s in here.” Oh boy. I looked in her throat, couldn’t see anything; called the doctor’s office. Since Kaitlyn was coughing and clearing her throat, they said I have to take her to the ER as that is a sign it is lodged. Got her cleaned up and off we went. We sat in the ER waiting room for three plus hours. I was about to leave, in fact walked up to the counter and told them we were leaving when they called our number. While filled with frustration for the time, knowing Kaitlyn was starving and thirsty as we almost always eat dinner at 5:30 (it’s now after 7…they told me she could have nothing to eat or drink until after the doctor saw her)…. a lady walked up to us and just started talking. A sweet lady that obviously was concerned. They made Kaitlyn wear a sticky head thermometer on her forehead, the lady was asking about that… why Kaitlyn was here. After explaining everything and knowing how long we had been there, she put her hand on Kaitlyn’s back and prayed over her, prayed for the doctor’s and nurses and for me. Now, I have to confess, my first instinct for some crazy reason was embarrassment…. why, I have no idea! I felt like Peter sitting there in the middle of the room with all eyes fixed on me…. I quickly prayed, “Lord I’m sorry and don’t care what people think…forgive me” and was able to rest in the remainder of her prayer. Whew….. I wonder why that was the first thing to pop in my head…. worry about what others think. I know better than that. I don’t know, but I am so glad I realized what was happening and was able to relish in the remainder of her beautiful prayer of my Kaitlyn.

Hope you have a great day; we are in for another round of “storms” all day. We were supposed to be hounded Tuesday and got only rain.

More later.