OK, Christopher is being screened for allergies on the 21st of this month. If our insurance will approve Aderral, then he will begin taking it Saturday. Spring Break starts next week and I want to be able to monitor him on the medication before sending him to school; so….IF the insurance will approve it, we’ll be able to get it. If not…. we’ll be paying $35 for it. All I can say is, ouch. Might not seem like much, but for us, it is.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I just remembered starting April 1 (that’s TODAY!!!) the kids are approved for Medicaid! I called Wal-Greens, he ran the script through, Medicaid is paying what BCBS wouldn’t! Hallelujah! Thank you Lord! Wow! OK, so, starting Saturday, Christopher will be on 5mg of Aderall.

Also, Christopher’s doctor is sending over a referral to see a pediatric neuro-psychologist. ALSO, thanks to Stacey,momof2, I did some research on sensory disorders. I was about to give up as nothing was even remotely like Christopher, until the very last disorder, Vestibular Dysfunction. He had every symptom…every one of them. This particular disorder deals with input in the inner ear! Christopher couldn’t hear for nearly two years because of all the ear infections! He is over 2 years behind in his speech because of the infections…. they are all related! The neuro-psychiatrist will be able to test for this as well. Sigh….. huge relief. It seems like we are finally getting somewhere.

Please continue praying for my little man. Also, another blog I follow is needing some prayers too. I think I am going to set up a blog where individuals can put prayer request for their children that are struggling with disorders. HHHMMMMM….. I’ll get back to you on that and see what my husband can help me with.

More later.