I shared with ya’ll a few weeks ago that I had started a new Bible Study. I am on day 30. I’ve only missed a few days, which is pretty good considering I held a headache for over 9 days! Now, I need to say this, while I have and am thoroughly enjoying and learning from this devotional; I need it to be said that I have come across something I have a problem with. The devotional states if I have enough faith…. I will be healed…or whatever the situation is. I believe in a God that can heal. I believe in a God that performs miracles daily; many I won’t know about until I reach Glory. I also know that the Lord’s perfect will is not always…many times my own. There have been times I have prayed for miracles and seen them happen; there have also been times I have prayed for miracles, and they didn’t happen. I do not believe it is because my faith was not “strong” enough that those miracles did not happen!

Now, to get on to what I wanted to share with ya’ll….. this devotional has really been effective in organizing me! I really have a loooong way to go; but it has been helping me with my quiet time with the Lord, with getting my menu for the home ready, using more coupons, money saving tips, to-do lists…everything is in one place…. that alone is HUGE for me! I also find that I am not as “idle” as I used to be! I have my task sheet/desires I’d like to accomplish, I know which ones are priority, which ones I can delegate and which ones are those, “I’ll get to them when I can” type things. One area that is highly encouraged and reinforces what I already knew was a quiet time with the Lord…. IN THE MORNING! There is a reason why the Lord speaks of having quiet times with Him in the early hours of the day; He blesses your day, He uses that time with Him to encourage you, to love on you, to GO BEFORE you! I’ve known that and did that for years; until October when we had to leave our home because of black mold. I got side-tracked.

My prayer for the last 30 days each night has been that the Lord would wake me when He wants me up. If He doesn’t wake me up by 5 a.m., then the alarm does. In the devotional, we are encouraged to have a “prayer room.” It says to use a closet if you have to, as long as you have a place to go for prayer and meditation. Well, I didn’t have one. I was using the living room, then would get interrupted with “life.” Then, I decided to empty out a storage closet. Actually, when Chris’ parents added on to their house over 20 years ago, it was supposed to be a bathroom! That never happened and it became a storage room for them, and then for us once we moved in. I’ve packed every closet, given stuff to goodwill, and still have some “stuff” to go through, but have succeeded in having a room of meditation and prayer! The walls need painting, need to one day, get some inspirational pictures on the walls, in fact, there’s not even carpet…just carpet remnants, but I LOVE MY ROOM! Even the kids and pets like it. We started doing our nighttime reading in there before the kids go to bed. It’s pretty cool. So, I hope this will encourage you to go find a closet, go through your stuff, and make a spot for YOU! It’s pretty cool.

this is some of Kayla’s art work from middle school:)

notice the red coffee can…. its been decorated by the kids. Kaitlyn put some “flowers” in it for me. 🙂