I tell you what, the devil, he is a thief! He is a liar! He came into our home this afternoon and has stolen my joy…my home is in an uproar. Christopher was hitting on the bus today and had to be moved. He still isn’t taking naps at school and his teacher told me he is very disruptive to the other children at nap time and that we have to do something. As soon as he gets in the house he starts hitting the cat, yelling and screaming. I have had him in time out for 30 minutes. No lie. Every time I start the timer he gets up. He is screaming at me right now. I got so angry! I have yelled and screamed as loud as he has been…. gee which one is the adult?! He has spit all over the floor, in the chair..on me. I am at my witts end. The paddle hit the bum today……

I spoke with his doctor last night. She is contacting a pediatric neuro-psychologist just to make sure we aren’t missing something. I have schedule an appointment with an allergist to make sure he isn’t having food reactions or what meds he might be allergic too. The doctor also suggested we look into Aderall. If we want to try it, she is willing to put him on that. This will be the fourth medication change.

I guess I should have been prepared for this…. give praise to the Lord and it infuriates the devil.

This beats all… I’m making Christopher clean the chair and floor he spit all over…he’s in heaven. He’s gone from screaming to calm and nice in 30 seconds.

If any of you have kids with ADHD issues, and you have used Aderall, or have any medication information that would help us, I sure would like to hear from you. We are to a point of desperation.