I don’t have very many memories of my child hood; BUT, one that I do have is of my Mammow painting my fingernails and toenails. Every time we would go for a visit, she did them for me, and in bright red!

Kaitlyn loves her nails polished. Normally Kayla does them for her…but today I got to do them. The color she picked, bright red! If she had picked the purple or blue she normally does, I can’t say I would have recalled those memories, but I’m thankful she did. I’m attaching pictures so my Mammow can see them. She is in Jackson, MS. I haven’t seen her in over two years. I miss her terribly. I love you Mammow. Thanks for the memories!

Hope the pics of cute pudgy, red toes make you smile as they did me.

I got an email from my Mammow….she made me cry; felt led to share:

“Yes, I did smile but through teary eyes. I can still see you lying in bed after I finished polishing them, lying on your back, holding up your nails and looking down at your toenails. Thank you for thiose memories, too, along with many others.

I love you….MaMaw”

Thank you, God, for memories; for good memories and the love that comes with them.