These are pictures of Kayla getting her fingers and toenails done Friday. I embarrassed her by taking pictures, but this is her first prom! I have to have pictures; it’s my right as her mom! Right?!

Kayla holding her cat Baghera


Kayla with Chris

Kayla with Uncle Craig (Chris’ brother) and Memaw (Chris’ mom).

Kayla with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn had just gotten out of the bath; her hair was wet and she put on her princes skirt. She then decided to stick her tongue out while I took the picture.

Christopher with Kayla

Kayla with Grammy (my mom).

Kayla and me.

In case you are wondering, I, the mom with no “up-do” hair experience AT ALL did her hair!! Can you believe it?! We went through pages and pages of pictures online; found a style we both agreed on (that’s a miracle right there) and I followed the directions as best I could. Now the picture had pretty pearls in the hair, but for the most part, I think it turned out pretty good. She was pleased, and I guess that’s all that really matters.

Isn’t she beautiful!?!
We had taken pictures of just her before Justin got here so we wouldn’t hold them up too long. This is Kayla peaking around the corner to see if he was here yet. She wanted to make a grand entrance….

“Is he here yet?!”

This is Justin!


I have a lot more, but it has taken over an hour just to get these on here. I have more on facebook. I will also add more tomorrow or Monday. Justin was surprising Kayla with dinner at Hemmingway’s (on the beach)! I hope they get pictures there and if they do, I will post them also.