OK, so I’ve made it almost 48 hours without a Coca Cola! Woohoo! That is huge for me. I also drank over 64oz of water yesterday… that’s another good thing. Did good with my eating until hunger struck at 8:30 and I had a bowl of cereal…but, I’m OK with that because of all the other positives I had yesterday. I do have one correction to make, I need to lose 111 pounds. When I weighed in I had to realize I weigh more now than I have my entire life. BUT, I am not letting that get to me because of the changes I’ve started already.

My migraine medication isn’t touching this headache and I have two more large pies and six small ones to finish up. I’m taking a break and Kaitlyn and I are going to the beach. Kayla had a rough night and wants to go back to bed, so little bit and I get to go off together…which never happens.

Have a great day!