We made cupcakes yesterday afternoon…. the kids love to help cook….and making cupcakes is no exception, especially when there is cake mix involved!

Kayla was scooping and Kaitlyn leaned forward to try getting a bite!


After dinner, once the cupcakes had cooled; I let the kids ice and decorate their own cupcakes.

Everything was going great; until… my 16 year old absolutely lost her mind……
and she nailed me!

BUT, I don’t back down very easy! She should know this by now!

The reason I am laughing…. nope, I hadn’t seen myself yet, Kayla fell out the screen door, onto the porch! I tried to help her up, but she was so slippery from icing, I just couldn’t do it! She had fallen and literally couldn’t get up!


At this moment, we both got to see each other for the first time since the “battle of the wills” began. It was hilarious ya’ll!

Whew…. what a night!

Christopher and Kaitlyn absolutely loved it….