Christopher had another OK day today; lots of re-directions and he just won’t stop talking… He’s becoming outraged. He hits his older sister and Chris, it’s weird…I mean viciously hitting. I don’t understand, it’s like I’m the only one that can calm him down.

We received a final email notice today from ABC Supernanny. If we decide to turn in the application, it has to be done by Monday. We received notification on October 26th last year that we could be part of the show; that was the same day we had to leave our home because of black mold. The thought of letting people in more than this is breathtaking. There are many times it’s just miserable; do I, we, want the world, our church family, my husband’s work (which is our church family) to see inside our lives? I am to a point of desperation. I don’t know how to help my son, and if I have to show all my faults in order to help my son, to help all of us, then I say we go for it. We are all suffering in different way because of these outburst. We don’t know how to discipline when he is like this. Kayla suffers because she never gets any “mom” time; Kaitlyn suffers…she sees what Christopher is doing and mimics so then she gets punished…. I stay stressed, Chris stays stress…. what do we do? I have no idea.

My headache is starting to come back, so I am turning in.

3 thoughts on “OK…..

  1. Then you know how to pray for us! It’s not me I’m concernced with, but my husband and 16 year old. I think Chris is to the point where he sees we need the help….


  2. I read your words and I hear love in them,love for each memember of your family– and hope for a better future. In my honest opinion, this would be a learning expirence that might just lead other people to the Lord. We aren’t meant to be perfect, that’s for our creator.– I think that by asking for help — you have shown such strength and thought.I have taken many parenting classes, but I am always trying to learn from others — I would love to learn from you!


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