Christopher got off to school this morning; reluctantly, but he went. Chris had to pry him out of the van to get him on the bus. If today and tomorrow go like yesterday, then he’ll be staying home for a few days to not be a disruption to the entire class.

I have an EEG scheduled for today on my noggin’. I’m still having those dizzy spells from when I hit my head Christmas Eve.

Kayla has her final orthopedic appointment today from her surgery…hallelujah!

It’s gonna be another beautiful day in Pensacola, high is 73. 🙂

Pray for Chris’ mom. She was diagnosed about a year and half, maybe two years ago with a calcified aneurysm. She’s continued to have these “spells” that doctor’s seem to just ignore. She is now having uncontrollable shaking of her right hand. She had an MRI done the day before yesterday, they called her yesterday referring her to another neurologist.

Will keep you updated as I know. Please continue to pray for my Christopher.

Proverbs 18:21…..