Day One Of No Med’s

Christopher’s teacher sent home a note today, “Did not follow directions today. Also, more active than usual.” He did not sleep, would not even rest, “squirmed around whole time,” were her words and that he was non-cooperative.

I did not tell Ms Casey, his teacher, that Christopher would be off his medication. The reason I did not tell her, was because I didn’t want her to be looking for him to do something wrong. My hopes were he would come home with great markings. I find myself wondering if I am lacking in faith… if the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains, then why can’t my prayers help my little boy?

I will be contacting his teacher tomorrow to let her know of the situation.

My husband is off on Wednesday’s. He and Christopher went to Memaw’s to get the leaf blower. Our yard is covered with leaves. Christopher decided he could carry it himself. That thing is almost as big as he is!

Isn’t he beautiful; I mean handsome?!

I am so thankful the Lord gave me my little man!

3 thoughts on “Day One Of No Med’s

  1. I read this and I want to cry. You do not lack faith. Not at all. I believe its misguided theology to believe that the reason your son has not received healing is because your faith is lacking. It is not about what WE want, but what the Father wants. Faith is trusting God. Period. Trusting that everything in our life will work out for His glory and serve His will. Whether our lives are going smoothly or not. I’ve discovered over the last two decades that the miracles and healing often come in forms I did not expect, and at times I least expected. The result was often much better than what I had actually prayed for.


  2. This is my first time to your blog– but I wanted to comment, Maybe God is using your son to work through someone who needs to slow down and be nice? I do wish I had some solid advice for you– but I don’t — I will pray for you and yours this evening.My son has SPD(Sensory Processing Disorder) and although my husband myself and our Dr didn’t want to we are currently medicating our 6 year old. In some respects it has helped– but I wonder how much is the meds and how much is God’s work. I do hope that this comment comes across with best wishes and prayer and hope –till there are answers! find me at


  3. One thing I have learned is that God is full of resources! 🙂 Just because we are not zapped and it all better instantly, doesn’t mean God isn’t working it out for us. Often times it is going to be through modern medicine, technology, and other people in our lives. I tell people that the use of these things in our life as a lack of faith, but using the tools God put before us. We are after all human. smile


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