I found a dress for Kayla on eBay today; brand new, tags on it still, for $69 (which included the shipping); originally $130.

My husband took some candy bars to church, well…work and placed them in the work room to try selling them to go towards the expense of the modeling convention Kayla is attending in April. Only 95 more to go! I’m still getting pie orders in also. If we sell all the candy bars we will make a $100 profit, and with the pies, we’ll make about $80 profit. All that is left to pay for is the lodging, transportation and meals on the go for four days. I have full confidence the Lord will provide. When this is all said and done, whether Kayla makes it or not, she will know and see first hand how it pays to work hard, how to come up with honest, creative ways to make money, but, more than anything, how the Lord provided every step of the way.

I realized earlier today that none of my planning was doing any good today as nothing went my way… the cat had to go to the vet, I had to pick up prescriptions, Christopher has to see his doctor regarding his medications… and while any other given day these schedule changes might not have bothered me, I am confident the reason I have been more on edge and aggravated with everyone is because I did not spend my time with the Lord this morning. I’ve been trying all day to “fit it back in,” and it just hasn’t happened. I was up and down all night with the kids, so Chris let me sleep in some. While I appreciate the sleep, I sure have missed my time with the Lord today!

The kids are going crazy, so must run.