I have been waking at 4 a.m. nearly every morning for the last week. It’s only 7:18 and I’m pooped. I’ve been lacking in patience the more tired I’ve gotten.

I’ve kind of been “stressing” a little about me not working. I’m loving it because I have more time to focus on Kayla’s schooling, but I keep worrying about the money pat of it. Now, my measly 20 hours a week didn’t do much, but it did buy the groceries.

This morning, I decided to keep Christopher home and took the kids to apply for WIC. That will save us tremendously in our milk expense! I am thankful. I also have another blessing, which for me is probably a pride issue for not wanting to share, hence, I know I need to. Each child was approved for Medicaid last week. This will save us money on co-pays for each doctor visit and on all medications. I am truly thankful.

I’ve also been clipping coupons like never before and watching advertisements for cost comparison. Wal-Mart will match prices so I’m trying to be sensitive to that as well. I’m doing everything I can to cut my food budget in half.

Kayla’s chocolates were delivered today for her to continue her fundraisers. I’m behind on my pie making, so I have a lot to do this week. Kaitlyn was running fever this weekend, so I just couldn’t make them.

More Later.