I don’t know if you remember or not, but a few weeks ago I posted about a planner I found online through an organization called, The Busy Woman. I had been looking for a planner that was a purse, but they were expensive, like hundreds of dollars expensive. As it was, I was carrying a planner, my devotional book, my Bible, ..it was a heavy bag… anyway, it came in the mail Saturday! I love it so much I want to share it with ya’ll! It is bigger than the daytimer I was using, the ring prongs hold more papers…you’ll see from the pictures below just how much it holds! In the daytimer I was using, I had to literally turn a page at a time because it was so full. The reason I was on a hunt for something like this is because of a devotional I started a few weeks ago. I actually started it this last week, but started “mustering up” the courage to start it a few weeks ago.

If you have been a Christian for any length of time, I’m sure you have come to realize that our Lord has a sense of humor. I can’t say I always enjoy His humor at the time, but, nonetheless, He does have a sense of humor. About two years ago, I attended a luncheon for mom’s. We had a wonderful guest speaker whom I love dearly. She has become a mentor of mine. I won’t mention her name because I want to make sure it is OK with her that I use her name, if once I speak to her she OK’s it, I will let you know as she is a gifted speaker, writer, and friend. Her topic during the luncheon was on Proverbs 31, “The Virtuous Women.” I cringed. Then I saw the hand-out and wanted to leave, still I stayed. With each verse she read, she taught from. With each verse, I could sense the tears welling up inside, defeat was in my gut, until I could not stop the tears from flowing. In order to not take away from the teachings and cause anyone to notice me blubbering, I, as gracefully as I could, left. I swore I would never read Proverbs 31 again. I left feeling defeated, worthless, and that I would never measure up to what Christ would have me to be and that my family was better off without me. After a few days, I called my friend and confessed. See, in those few days the Lord began working in my heart. He took me to Mark 9:14-29. Oh my, I just opened my Bible to reflect over this, the date written in my Bible is 3/9/2007! Wow! “Thank you Lord for taking me to this moment, today, two years ago that you started revealing yourself to me in this area!” OK, back to the point…in Mark 9, verses 22 and 23, the Bible tells us that the man doubted Jesus, he said, “And many times it has thrown him into fire (referring to a demon), or water to destroy him. But if You can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” In verse 23, Jesus then answers him and said, “If you can? Everything is possible to the one who believes.” Whoa! I have goose bumps Then, in verse 29 the Bible tells us that Jesus said, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting!” Whew! What the Lord was speaking to my heart was that the “Virtuous Women” is unattainable by man, well, woman, especially in her own strength, BUT, NOTHING is impossible for the ONE WHO BELIEVES in Jesus Christ! He then tells me how to attain such.. by prayer and fasting! Hallelujah! So, I went through my Bible and dissected Proverbs 31 as the Lord was speaking to my heart. It was a painful experience for me because I had to open myself up in a way I never had before. I called my friend, we had a good laugh and I was able to move on.

Over the last two years the Lord continue to bring Proverbs 31 to my mind and heart. During the last six months I have struggled more than ever. It was during that time He introduced me to The Proverbs 31 Ministry through Marybeth Whalen. The Lord continues to use the devotional of these ladies to this day to bring healing to my heart.

I walked into Wal-Mart three weeks ago. Sitting on a book shelf, out of place was a book called, “Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be,” a 90-day guide to livings, now, get this, “The Proverbs 31 Life!” I about fell out. I picked it up, the first thing I noticed was the book said, “90 days will not get you where you need to be.” It took months and years to get where you are, now, it won’t be fixed in 90 days. So, I bought it. It’s been tough, just getting through the introduction:) The purposed of this book, is to not only get you spiritually well, but completely well; to teach a personal EARLY time with the Lord, to teach organization, to teach wellness with the foods I eat; to teach money management… it appears to be a great start to where the Lord is going to take me. So…. one of the things this book teaches is to put everything in one place and carry it with you EVERYWHERE you go. The purpose is to always be prepared.

I priced the purse/planners and we just couldn’t afford it ($200), so I kept looking, that’s when I came across the website, http://www.thebusywoman.com/. Ya’ll, I got a purse planner for $12!!!!!! So, I tell you all this to tell you of an awesome book, and a wonderful investment of this purse planner.

It is actually burgundy, but looks pink in this picture. Notice the nice long straps!

There are two zipper compartments underneath the flap.

The rings are nice and big to hold lots of stuff:)

See, lots of stuff!

And there is a back zipper compartment too!

So, now, I have rambled on and on just to share how I came across this purse/planner. As you can tell from my rambling, the Lord seems to be bringing me full circle… from literally despising Proverbs 31, to now, trying to learn and grow from it.

I do hope you will go to The Busy Woman site and look at all her stuff. I’m now going to go looking for a bag like what I got that will carry my Bible. I used to carry everything in one big bag to free my hands for having two little ones, so will have to see what I can find. Who know, the one I got is expandable, maybe my Bible will fit in there?

I’m sorry I’ve rambled today, I just had a lot to share of what and where the Lord is and has been taking me……

Oh, one more thing the Lord revealed to me, I can not hold myself up to someone elses standards of what they think I should be! The Lord is the one who “fixes” people and he “fixes” us in His timing, and here’s the key…when we are ready to let go.

Continuing to trust in Him…..