We went to Milton this morning. Today was the grand opening of The Arcadia Mill Property. I had never heard of it, but Chris had. The Arcadia area offers authentic archaeological ruins, museums, mills and logging exhibits, a replica water wheel and sash saw (this was cool), picnic areas, walking trails to included a swing bridge… all kinds of fun stuff.
The mill was the first of its kind for Florida. It was in operation from 1817 to 1855. What was amazing to me, was that one of creeks, well, river, actually ran over the top of what would have been the top of the first level of the mill. The mill was built underground…isn’t that amazing?
Kayla will be doing a paper and research on it in more detail. One thing I love about home schooling is she gets to visually see and experience stuff like this that we might not have been drawn to, if we weren’t homeschooling. She’ll remember this forever. Unfortunately, she is a visual learner like her mother. She can read and read in a book and miss it all, but seeing it in person, visualizing it, changes everything.
I’m adding a bunch of pics my husband took. He is quite the photographer.

This actually was not a planned picture!

They had a table set up for people to try writing with a quill and ink…. wow! It was pretty cool.

This is what Christopher drew; I helped him with his name and then I wrote my kids names with the quill. It’s harder than you think it is, that’s for sure! The following is Kayla’s attempt also:) I don’t know how they used to do it!

“Little Bit” is tired and ready to come home!

Chris will be posting a lot more pictures tonight on his blog, The View Of The Cyclops. He takes great pictures. I didn’t post the nature trails, flowers, creeks, and bridges because I want him to put them on his… so please check it later.