Well, yesterday it was so nice to not have to worry about food orders and menu’s for the following month. Today, it’s nice to know Kayla and I have a day for school work; my husband is off on Wednesday’s since he has to work on Sunday’s with Olive’s Online Streaming and the Media stuff. We are going to lunch today for the first time in months and months. I am looking forward to it.

The last few months I have been pretty ill; we’ve eaten out a lot, so much we are all sick of it. I have not done my family justice; however, I believe I am on my way up the road of healing. I was thinking about Christopher, worrying about Christopher and praying for Christopher when I felt the Lord reveal to me how bad, not only his eating has been, but all of ours. Christopher was taking a gummie bear, two a day, two times a day (supposed to be three, but it’s a battle we choose to not fight). The gummies are from Juice Plus. Have you ever heard of them? Please check out the web site. They are the fruit and veggie servings each child needs daily. They also have stuff for adults, which I started taking….actually, I was so desperate to feel better physically, that I started taking Christopher’s. Juice Plus, in my opinion, is expensive. However, if you can find a person that sells it (I started to say deals it…ha-ha); then they might can work with you. I have a friend that sells it and she sold me a partial packages, and I am taking a half dose, in order to stretch it out. Now, I cannot attribute me feeling better to just Juice Plus, because I started a few things the same day; BUT, what I can tell you is I am not sleeping 18 hours a day anymore. While I am struggling with fatigue, I’m not fighting to keep my eyes open. I say all that for two reasons, we started Christopher back on the gummies today. My hopes are it will work as well with the Strattera as it was before October. If that doesn’t happen, then we will have to take him off all meds to clean out his system and start somthing new. I am believing that will not happen and we will find the answer lies between the Juice Plus giving him the fruits and veggies he needs, and the change in our diets.

The other reason I shared about Juice Plus was because I ran into a friend of mine who is the Women’s Recovery Director at Olive. She works directly with the ladies of the Charis House. Awesome lady. Anyway, I was sharing with her all that had occurred and then the Bible Study from last Friday night (was on healing and that healing is painful, but that the end result is a reflection of Christ in our lives… sorry, got side tracked again..), but was sharing about a devotional book I am working through that works on more than one are of your life, told her about the Juice Plus gummies I was taking and then a partial dose of the adults and she said, “Stacey, I have a drawer full!” She said they just didn’t work for her and that I could have them! Helloo…. did you read that… “have them…!” I offered to buy them, and she insisted not. She sent them home through my husband yesterday. I got two confirmations’ from this, one is I need the extra boost the Juice Plus is giving me, and two, He is going to meet my needs in ways I just can not imagine! Who would have thought carrying on a normal conversation about something I had no plans of sharing would result in the Lord meeting my personal needs. Know what else that tells me, He cares about what I care about. Now, that is what I call special.

Now, just like my friend, Juice Plus is not for everyone. I have heard many good reviews about it. Check it out for yourself, see what your doctor has to say. Don’t just take my word for it. If you are interested, I can connect you with my friend that sells it, so you can deal with a person and get information from instead of someone on the other side of a computer:)

I know I have rambled, but had a lot of thoughts. I hope it makes since. I was supposed to grade Kayla’s papers last night and fell asleep. I had the onset of a migraine and just couldn’t bring myself to doing anything, so I have much to do this morning.

Excited to see what happens next, until then…

Continuing to trust in Him.