If you read my blog regularly, you know my daughter is trying her hand at modeling. We live on a very tight budget, but we agreed we would walk through these doors with her as long as the Lord provided. I didn’t know, and still don’t know how far He would take us, but the convention is now paid for and her photo shoots. Hallelujah! As many of you also know, I love to cook. I have several friends and family members that buy Chicken Pot Pies from me (thank you Mammow!) on a regular basis; however, I haven’t been able to make any since before October when we had to leave our home because of the black mold. We got back in the house Thanksgiving night, but I haven’t mentioned I was fixing them again, until a few weeks ago. I made up a flier and mailed it to the friends and family that normally buy these pies and told them we were trying to raise money to go towards the expenses of Kayla’s modeling convention. Ya’ll, so many have come out of the wood work! We made 12 of the large pies this past weekend; I have another 6 big ones and, get this, 47 of the one serving sizes! Woo-hoo! I do not advertise these pies nor do I sell them to just anybody because this is something done for friends and family. Oh I do look forward to the day when the Lord opens the door for me to have a Mom & Pop place where I can feed the hungry and sell my pies wholesale. (Sigh). Anyway, we also ordered some candy bars to help raise some money also. Kayla is so excited and I am enjoying getting creative to see what else we can do.

We still have to find a hotel in Panama City… have you checked out those rates lately?! Oh my goodness… $189…A NIGHT! Please praise the Lord for meeting the needs/expenses He already has and continue praying for this event.