Christopher’s IEP meeting was this morning. My little man is so smart. The teacher said at age 4 he already knows every letter of the alphabet; but he can’t sing his ABC’s. If she points, he tells her what letter it is. She said most of the “developmentally delayed” kids she works with can’t do that. Christopher, while he is extremely smart and will carry on a conversation with anyone that listen, he just can’t put the words, vowels, and consonants together to get it right. He gets so frustrated trying to tell us stuff… His tubes have come out of his ears, we will probably have to have his hearing retested. The reason for his delayed speech is because of so many ear infections that his little ears were packed with fluid and he just couldn’t hear right. Anyway, she said if we could somehow get him to sit, stop talking and follow directions that he would be ready for Kindergarten the year after next. We have a lot of work to do. Kayla thinks I should pull him out and of the class and home school him…. we have a lot to think about. His medication doesn’t seem to be working for him either; the doctor’s only solution is to take him off the Strattera for a few months and try something else. Tough roller coaster ride for him.

My daughter had her photo shoot Saturday for the convention that is next month. I am very proud of her. One of the requirements for Saturday’s shoots was the girls couldn’t wear any make up. Kayla looked great! She had just taken her “head shot” when a girl walked in with a huge make up line. Then, she went and put more make up on. Kayla was fuming mad. While I don’t personally understand why one could and others could not, what I did recognize was that Kayla obeyed the rules. She did what was required of her. If, which I believe she will, get a call back after the convention, I believe it is because they will see not only her natural beauty, but a beauty from deep within that shines forth. I am thankful I have a daughter, who even when she is uncomfortable, does what is required of her. My Granny used to always say, “Beauty is only skin deep,” and “Pretty is as pretty does.” I hope Kayla will always remember and know that her beauty is deep within her heart and radiates out.

Paul Harvey passed away this weekend. I enjoyed Paul Harvey. My grandfather listened to him faithfully. I am thankful for memories that bring my grandfather to mind. Pappow is in an assisted living suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. I miss my Pappow, and Mammow who suffers more than he does I’m sure.

The kids are all three needing my attention and not getting it. I was blessed with a wonderful lunch at a friends house today. Another friend kept the kids for me so I could go. It was nice.