Real Quick

I’m walking out the door to take the dog to the vet, but have to share this…and more will come. As many of you know I had dental surgery a few weeks ago. I’ve had a horrible time healing from it. Just yesterday the pain in my jaw seemed intolerable, and I couldn’t figure out why after such progress had been made in days prior. There is an area on my jaw bone that has exposed bone. It hurts as it is in just the right spot that my tongue constantly hits it and irritates it. Last night, the area around it was throbbing. A few minutes later, I noticed something lose… slivers of the bone broke off! No kidding. What is amazing, is since then, no pain at all! I was lying in bed last night, not able to sleep (we have a female cat in heat… but won’t go there now); and the Lord gave me a visual. As tiny as that sliver of bone was, in the big scheme of things, it was an irritant. Just like that sliver of bone wiggled its way out, so sin wiggles its way in… unnoticed at first, until you start noticing roughness around the edges… then daily you become more and more aware of the sensitivity of the sin… maybe it’s not even sin to you, but something just isn’t right…. ouch. Going through the pain of recognizing it, having the patience to deal with the consequences of it, then finally, one day, it wiggles it way out. Aaaaggghhh…. what relief. The Bible says what is in the heart will come forth…. as painful as it is, it has to come out or we will be separated from Him….OK, I am like rally late now for the vet… and this probably makes no since, to you, but in my warped mind… makes perfect since.

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