Publishing My Book

I have one publishing company that has remained in contact with me over the last year. This individual emailed me before the holiday’s to touch base, see where I was. I told him of the obstacles we had faced with the black mold and having to leave our home, of sicknesses and not wanting to miss Jesus through the holiday’s. He has contacted me again. Is this normal; do all publishing companies continue to reach out? My husband has been after me to pick up the pen and start writing again. Just this morning I was asked to lead a meeting this Friday night for The Most Excellent Way. I haven’t taught in months and months. I sense the Lord is prodding, maybe moving me beyond this “weird” place I’ve been. Chris and I had talked about us publishing, getting ISBN’s…doing everything to save cost, but I am so overwhelmed right now, I don’t know that I could do it all right now. Pray for me, for clarity, for courage, for wisdom….

2 thoughts on “Publishing My Book

  1. This publisher must really believe in what you’re doing. Most people write books and then can’t find a publisher. You’ve got one contacting you already. That’s amazing. Try to find a time (same time every day) to write a little bit. Good luck.


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