Today’s Economy

My heart has been burdened for the many, many people I know or am acquainted with through Sunday School that have lost their job. Houses are being foreclosed on; vehicles repossessed, and what’s worse, families are struggling to survive. I know the Lord will provide for each of these families, and while I know they will come through these circumstances stronger for Christ than ever, it is breaking my heart. I also find myself more thankful for my husband’s employment. Olive is a big church, but that doesn’t make it not “touchable” by today’s economy. People lose jobs, there go tithes. It’s tough. Olive is having to cut its budget this year. As of right now, jobs aren’t being taken, but if the economy continues in this downward spiral, drastic steps will have to be taken.

“Thank you Lord for meeting the needs at hand for those without right now. Continue to show yourself to them and provide for them in ways that only You can get glory. Thank you for meeting our needs as a family this day, thank you for my husband’s employment… this day. Amen.”

One thought on “Today’s Economy

  1. Am praying for people affected by the world’s circumstances – that God would be met and known. May we learn to lean on Him our sole provider and protector.


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