My nephew is absolutely beautiful. He has the most beautiful lips. I think they are Bruntlett…. but as he gets older might see that they are Ron’s.

Aaawwwwwe, isn’t he just adorable! I just wanna hold him…and smell him…and hold him…and smell him!

Have two kids home sick today; Kayla has a horrible cold and Kaitlyn has a horrible cold with a deep cough. Christopher begged to stay home as well. You’d think they could all get along and not bicker if they are “so weak I can’t move….”

We are working on some fund raisers for Kayla’s modeling. Will post more about it as we get things in order.

Have to go break up the fight that is taking place in my room, in my bed, among three children. You’d think the 16 year old wouldn’t act like the 3 or 4 year old…