Not only is my little man running fever, Kaitlyn, my “little bit” is crouping. Its been a long day.

We had cool snap come through, was 31 this morning when I got up. Stayed cool, but sunny all day. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

I was reading a blog the other day that has had me thinking a lot about investments. Not the investments you are probably thinking of, especially with today’s economy… but I mean the type of investments that really matter… people.

People invested in me. That’s how I knew I needed a Savior. I have really been struggling for the last several months. For some reason I just can’t get over this hump…. all I do is sleep, lay around, and am…what the word…blah. I struggle with my Bible readings; passages I once taught from, now are just words. Even with battles and struggles going on, life still goes on. Since reading Lysa’s post the other day about Chic-fil-A, it’s just had me more grateful for the people that invested in me. One of those many people was Truett Cathy.

I would like to tell you how Chic-fil-A has affected my life. At the age of 12, I was sent to live in a children’s home just outside Atlanta. It was Christian City Children’s Home. Every year Chic-fil-A sponsored a HUGE Christmas party for ALL the kids in the children home, the houseparents kids, and the houseparents. We were treated to, of course, all the sandwiches we could eat, coleslaw, fries, and then the highlight…Santa came out with all the elves and handed out gifts to everyone! It was the highlight for each of us. One year in particular, they had a magician. I got sawed in half! What great memories. Truett Cathy invested in hundreds and thousands of kids that have gone through Christian City. I was one of those. He also sponsored all the kids for Camp Windshape. It was and still is the best time of my child hood. Truett Cathy spoke at one of the chapel times. He taught us..”I am Third.” That Jesus is first, others are second, and that I am third. I’ll treasure those times and the camp workers in my heart forever. Upon graduating high school I sent Truett Cathy a graduation announcement. He sent me a $100! I couldn’t believe it. He invested in me. I also had sponsors as I had no family within a five hour drive. One of my sponsors worked at the corporate office and her husband worked for Delta… I will never forget them. They visited with me almost monthly and at holiday’s.

While I chose to take a road of drugs and alcohol and other abusive lifestyles as a young adult, I knew, when I hit bottom a little over ten years ago, when I got sick and tired of being sick tired, when I got so caught up in the lies that I didn’t even know what the truth was any more, that I needed to look up. I knew that Jesus Christ was the answer. I knew that because of the people that invested in me.

With all the worries and challenges that are ahead with a good majority of us because of today’s economy, I challenge you to find something worth investing in…. people. When I think about it like that, kind of makes we want to hurry up through this dry spell I’ve been!