In A Nutshell

Christopher has had two pretty good days at school. Continuing to use positive words and be consistent…

Dinner was great last night. Everyone raved on the potato salad. I love to feed people!

I’m starting a new devotional study. I’ve been yearning to get back on track, and this has seemed to “fallen in my lap.” Once I get started I’ll fill you in. I’m not familiar with the author and am careful to recommend something when I myself am not sure; in other words, I just want to make sure her teachings are Biblical. I hope that makes since.

Mom is visiting with Michelle and the baby. I wish I could have gone. Mom called this morning and said it is snowing and scheduled to snow every day through Tuesday. Mom says the baby definitely has the “Bruntlett” frown! Isn’t it amazing how certain traits get passed on and on…

More later.

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