With Our Words We Speak Life….

I believe in the POWER of prayer. I know it sounds silly to some, but I pray a lot; that’s how I get rid of worry, that’s how I speak to my Creator, that’s how I get through and have gotten through the last six months of attacks on our family. Today, I need you to speak words of life over my son, Christopher. Everyday for the last three – four weeks he has come home with a bad report from his teachers. He is sassy to them (which is a behavioral issue), but he can not sit still. He fidgets all day long, doesn’t rest well, comes home going 90 to nothing and has becomes very emotional. Every little thing sets him off to cry, he gets angry over very little things…uncontrollable rage where he hits and screams at the top of his lungs. His Pediatrician increased the Straterra to 25mg just over two weeks ago…no improvement at all. If anything, it seems worse. I am at a loss. I don’t know what to do. The doctor’s suggestion is to take him completely off the medication for a few weeks to get it all out of his system and start over. This roller coaster is killing me, not for me, but for him. When he doesn’t have some sort of help to slow down, you can see the lostness (sp?) in his eyes. My heart is breaking for my little man. So, this morning, during his screaming fit, I sensed the Lord telling me to speak like over him. So that is what I am doing. Proverbs 10 is full of lessons of the mouth and tongue and what our words can do for a person. So, please…speak life over my son today.

I am cooking today. Next Wednesday will be my last day. We are preparing ham, potato salad, black eye peas, corn bread and an eclair dessert. Kayla is going with me so I can get potato salad for 130 done in time:)

More tomorrow, with a positive update on Christopher.

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