The King and Queen of Spain…

The King and Queen of Spain are making an appearance in Pensacola in honor of its 450th Anniversary. They will be arriving on Wednesday with a departure of Thursday. Fox10 News out of Mobile interviewed the person that was responsible for “dressing” their beds. The linens cost $30,000. No, I didn’t miss-print that either. Can you believe it! That is almost one years salary for us, and that’s what was spent for two people who put their britches on the same way I do to sleep for one night. Hello… does any body else have a problem with this or is it just me? That’s crazy!

My daughter has just informed me her thoughts… she says, and I quote, “They are King and Queen Mom, it’s not like they are taking money from their kids mouths; they’re royalty and can be treated like that.” All I can say is, “Whatever.” LOL.

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