Clove Oil Reaction

This has been a crazy week. I’ve been to see Doc every day because of my reactions to the Clove Oil; apparently I’m allergic to it; but it’s the only thing that works on dry sockets so they are having to pack it daily. They’ve been putting this silly putty stuff over it to keep my tongue off the oil; but it doesn’t seem to stay on very good. Every time I eat, drink, or even move my tongue, pieces break off. My husband said, “Maybe you are talking too much.” That went over real good!

Kayla is still doing her therapy three times a week, in the midst of this she is taking tests and doing school work.

Not too much else right now, hurting pretty bad.

More later.

2 thoughts on “Clove Oil Reaction

  1. what is the allergic reaction doing to you?? Are you broken out? I have never heard of that–that is crazy–but if anything like that is gonna happen, it is gonna happen to YOu or to my Billy–he has the worst luck when it comes to just about anything….tell me more..Tammy B


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