Good Ole’ Chicken Pot Pie!

Well, I sure thought today would be a better day with my teeth, or lack of I guess I should say. Doc had to pack more of that nasty tasting stuff in my sockets this morning. I found out I’ll be going back again Thursday and then again Monday… Aaaghhh! Will it ever be over?!

My youngest daughter has been on a movie kick lately. She loves The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. She calls it the “Lion Movie.” She watches it every single day. Now, that might give a poor reflection on me, but hey, if it gives me down time, and she will sit still…I’m all for it. She’s so stubborn that she just won’t take naps; if I put her in her room, she plays and jumps and breaks things, so at least this way, she is monitored and I can … what’s that word…rest… Sigh:) Kaitlyn talks during the entire movie. Every day she asks the same questions at the same point, yet when I, out of frustration say, “oh Kaitlyn, I don’t know.” She then tells me the answer to what she was asking! I wonder why that is?

I had a Chicken Pot Pie in the freezer, since I’m hurting, that’s what we are having for dinner. This isn’t just any ole’ Chicken Pot Pie though, it’s a recipe I got from my Mammow…yum. I don’t know where she got it from, but man it is wonderful! At one time I was making them and selling them to people in our church. With all the turmoil in our life, it’s kind of fallen by the way-side. I looked into trying to start a little “mom-n-pop” place so I could sell my pies and casseroles, but that door never opened. I even looked into selling them from home, but due to state and county regulations, that didn’t happen either. Oh well, I know the Lord knows my heart and He is the one that gave me the passion and desire to feed people, and I do know that His timing is perfect. I’ll just keep telling myself that:) With the economy like it is right now, I suppose it is best that doors were kept shut.

Time to get that pot pie in the oven.

More another day.

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  2. Hi Riverview! I tried to reach you back by email; but couldn’t get to you. I am very much aware of Oprah’s “new age” teachings. I actually sent letters to the Editor and to her personally…thanks though for the information. We must pray that her eyes will be opened to the truth! Bless You.

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