Dry Sockets

I saw Doc this morning; I have two dry sockets..in the words of my three year old, “owie, owie, owie!” He packed both, put something to cover the top of them that resembles silly puddy to keep the bone from being exposed. There is also a little bitty bone fragment sticking out of my gums that will hopefully work its way out or new skin grow over. I feel much better today than I did just a few hours ago this morning!

My sister is still pregnant. She checks in to the hospital Wednesday, will begin a pitocin drip on Thursday early.

More later.

One thought on “Dry Sockets

  1. When Doc Morris took my wisdom teeth out I had a dry socket. He packed it with cotton soaked in this weird stuff he said would taste like a banana. It didn’t. Everytime I ate something, that stuff would leak out and ruin the taste. Bleh.

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