Oh My Aching…TEETH!

I am in excruciating pain. Each day my pain is getting worse. I just want to punch all my teeth out kind of pain.

Christopher did not want to go to school this morning. He cried and cried and begged to not make him go. When I asked why he didn’t want to go, he told me he was afraid of Anthony hitting him again. We prayed for Anthony right there. He went on to school. I just talked to the teacher, Anthony is not there today. Please pray for my little man, and for Anthony. Is this normal for 4 and 5 year olds? I thought stuff like this happened in middle school, not Pre-K and in a class for children with disabilities!

More later when I can focus on something other than my mouth hurting.

2 thoughts on “Oh My Aching…TEETH!

  1. Is your mouth better?? It sounds as if you may have 1 or more dry sockets. If this is the case-let me tell you about a WONDERFUL natural fixer-upper—the answer is CLOVE OIL–I got ours at Evermans–also teh bottle of stuff in the red cross tooth ache kit will help–put a little dab in the socket on a tiny piece of cotton and let it lie there for a few mins–it did wonders when I had mine–I pray yours is better by now, though–Take care-TAmmy Beck


  2. Hi Tammy! I have missed hearing from you! My teeth are killing me; not only the area where the two teeth were, but all my teeth on top and bottom of the same side are sensitive! I think someone else mentioned clove oil; I’ll get some tomorrow! Not even pain medication is working; hence why I am still up. Thanks for the suggestion.


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