Following Through…

Hey ya’ll, Christopher’s teacher called Chris first thing this morning regarding the email he had sent her stressing our concerns. Please pray for Ms. Casey and the other students. Pray also for Anthony, the little boy that is causing so much problems. Ms. Casey has had a headache since Monday regarding her dealings with this young boy. He is abusive to everyone in the classroom. So, this morning, Christopher and I prayed for Anthony. I would appreciate it if you would pray for Anthony also. He is 5 years old; a year older than Christopher. Please also pray for Christopher. I’ve mentioned before Christopher was diagnosed with ADHD/OCD. Last week we had to increase his medications as it seemed like nothing was working. We aren’t seeing a difference with the change either. He has become more emotional that ever, throwing himself down and screaming, tackling his sister (the younger one). We don’t know if this is the wrong medication or if it’s behavioral.

We were sent an application for the SuperNanny show; in fact, we got it the same day we were told to leave our home because of the black mold. I think it’s time to follow through and get the help we need.

Thanks for listening, well, reading.


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