I Can’t Imagine….

My husband picked me up from work this evening; all went well. I was anxious to see my little man as Chris had told me earlier that when Christopher got off the bus he noticed a bad scratch on his face and eye. The bus attendants informed my husband that another boy was clawing and punching Christopher. The day before yesterday Christopher came home with scratches on his face also. I had no idea though just how bad it was. Christopher has a black eye, the top of his eye lid to his cheek is scratched and swollen. The same boy spat in Christopher’s face today and bit him on the leg! I’m hot. I was so mad I was ready to call the teacher at home. Why didn’t she contact me to let me know about this, has the other boy been punished? Who’s going to handle this because this momma’s ready to handle it! It angers me that children behave like this. I am taking my little man to school tomorrow to meet with the teacher and hopefully the boy’s mother will be there. I would appreciate your prayers as I don’t want to say anything that would tarnish my testimony. I would appreciate it also if you would pray for a boy named Anthony. He is the one that is being so abusive to Christopher. I know this probably sounds silly, but it really hurts me that my son is being hurt! I can’t imagine how God felt, knowing His son was being tormented, knowing His son was going to die. I can’t imagine it.

My jaw is killing me. I’ve got to get some ice on me and get some medications. I see the neurologist tomorrow regarding my migraines.

More another time.

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