I like this song…my favorite rendition is the one from Sister Act. When I watch the video clip, I find myself wondering if they really get it, if they know what they are singing about… “Oh happy day, when Jesus washed…when Jesus washed, washed my sins away!” Wow! Is that a shoutin’ song or what?! I get goosebumps when I hear this song, when I remember…when I remember the day Jesus washed away my sins! Oh thank you Father! Whew!

I’m assuming I’ll be out of pocket for a couple of days. My fractured teeth are being removed Monday morning, you remember, the ones I messed up when I hit my head so hard Christmas Eve?! Oh, I just remembered I can’t have anything to eat after midnight! Probably night a good night to skip dinner….yikes!

I’m scheduled to cook on Wednesday; so I would appreciate your prayers for a super fast recovery! My husband took off Monday and Tuesday so I could get the rest I will need in order to do so.

Have a great next few days.

More later.