Every where I have turned the last few days the word “triggers” are there. As a born again Christian who used to have an alcohol and drug problem, there were many “triggers” I had to deal with. For me, I can’t listen to my beloved country music. In my first few months of struggling I would actually smell the smell of the booze and bars. It was a scary time for me. Triggers are everywhere…. stress triggers eating more food…yikes, what is triggering these headaches is what the doctor’s are trying to find out…triggers, triggers, everywhere! You know what should be, triggers that send me to the Bible instead of the the fridge! I need to work on that one!

More later; Have a great Friday:)

One thought on “Triggers

  1. I am praying that your triggers be silent. FAther God, touch Stacey with your healing hand. Let her feel the coolness of your lvoing open palm on her temples. Show her today how much you love her. Thank you for hearing our pleas.

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