Speed Bumps

I don’t mind speed bumps, especially the ones that have signs. It’s the ones that have no signs I can’t stand. Speed bumps occurred in my life today. One had signs, the others didn’t. Kaitlyn, my 3 year old, woke up crying. Kaitlyn NEVER wakes up crying, but smiling and happy, so I knew something was wrong. In fact, she usually tip toes out her room and peeps around the corner grinning at me, so for her to have not even come out of her room, and she was crying… I knew something was wrong. When I went in her room, she was in the middle of her floor, crying. Every time she would stand up, take a step, she would fall. This is the fourth or fifth time something like this has happened in the last two years. She’ll be going along just fine, then wham! Leg gives out and she hits the ground. I called the doctor’s office, they wanted to see her. That was the speed bump with a sign; kind of a no brainer. What I didn’t see coming was the doctor telling me that she didn’t think it was her knee, but her hip, and that we needed to do x-rays and blood work. Blew me away. She ordered x-rays of both hips to have a comparison. She also ordered them of the knee and her tummy as she felt something that she wasn’t sure about. I had been praying and called two friends and just asked them to be praying for Kaitlyn and the nurses. I didn’t know what to pray because I didn’t want to mess things up, so I prayed, “Lord, let the person you know will do the best with my baby be in there.” He did just that. Ms. Kathy talked to Kaitlyn and did great with her and the x-rays; and the lab worker, after I suggested having another person because I wasn’t going to be able to hold her down; went and got another lady who just took over. Now, I won’t lie and tell you she didn’t cry, man did she cry, in fact, at one point, she looked at me, with big red, crying eyes and screamed, “owie, owie, owie!” Oh while my heart was breaking, we all three had to chuckle.

Kaitlyn finished up with flying colors. The x-ray and lab reports will be ready on Monday or Tuesday. She’s back to walking normal again.

After leaving home at 11:00 a.m., we finally got home at 5:00. Long day. Speed bumps….gotta love ’em.

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