"Pay It Forward"

I know I’ve had several posts today; but I have to share with you what my four year old son did today. I am just so proud of him; he touched and blessed my heart today in such a way, it is simply not describable. Our neighbors keeps her grandchildren daily. One of them is a two year old little boy named Romeo. Today, Romeo came over to play with Christopher in the front yard. Over half of our front yard is dirt, and my kids LOVE THE DIRT; anyway, Romeo and Christopher were playing and getting along so nicely. Christopher has a speech impairment. It is very, very difficult to understand him; but this didn’t bother little Romeo at all; they just played and played. Before Romeo was to go home, I started picking up the toys. I picked up Christopher’s tricycle he had gotten Christmas before last to put it away and Christopher came running to me screaming, “no mom, Radio (he can’t say Romeo so it comes out Radio or Rodeo…it’s really cute) is taking that home!” He then went on to tell me that he didn’t need it because he had gotten a new bike for Christmas and that he wanted to give it to somebody who needs it. Can you believe it? A four year old…he gets it. Do you know what that has done to my heart? I hope and pray my son will always pass on what he has been so blessed with.

While typing this, I was reminded of a movie Kayla wants me to see called, “Pay It Forward,” I think that’s what it’s called. I’ve never seen it or heard of it, but it goes along passing along things. I think we’ll make it a family movie time this weekend.

Thank you Lord for letting me experience a glimpse of how you feel when we simply, pass it forward.

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