I’m Alright….

Hey, it’s a beautiful day here in Pensacola…in the 70’s, sunny and a light breeze! Oh it’s gorgeous. Me and the kids have been outside some this afternoon; oh it’s nice.

Kayla has been walking on her leg all day with no crutches, and no pain medicine! She has kept ice on it through out the day and tomorrow intensive therapy starts.

I am scheduled to get my two molars removed that I fractured when I hit my head Christmas Eve on Monday.

Man, I know this seems weird, but with all the road bumps, I’m alright. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this or not, but it’s like I’m in the middle of a cyclone, I can see the destruction, but it’s being held at bay…do you know what I mean?

4:00 is quickly approaching and I have dinner to get started. I cook tomorrow at Pine Summit, which I am looking forward to getting back to. I love my Olive Baptist Church family, but if you are one that likes a smaller close knit church, Pine Summit Baptist is the place to go.

Kids are hollarin…but I’m alright!

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