Prayer Request/North American Mission Board

Several, several months ago, I guess close to a year ago now, I asked for prayer for my friend Gail ( Gail is legally blind. She came to Pensacola long before I did not knowing anyone, taught herself the bus system, found grocery stores, place to live, you name it, she did it. Gail was and still is influential in my walk with the Lord. You can read more about it on the link above. Anyway, Gail is involved in the North American Mission Board. She went to the Cleveland, Ohio area to help Randy Chestnut in starting a new church (Church of the Hills She’s been there for two winters. I would appreciate it if you would pray for Gail. She has learned the Chicago bus system, learned the grocery stores, and does well…especially considering she is legally blind. She has a few “procedures” coming up I’d appreciate your prayers for. Gail lives on disability and social security. She can teach us all a thing or two about walking by faith…and not by sight! If you are interested in dropping her an email to let her know you are praying for her, her email is:

In another post from months past, I mentioned how the Lord put it on my heart to take all the change from my washer and drier and send to Gail. I’d like to encourage you in that area today again. Maybe not for Gail, but pray and ask the Lord to give you a ministry to send your “lose change” to. I really adds up. I know the amount from us has been minimal, but the two times she’s gotten a check or the lose change from us, it’s paid for a load of laundry. Knowing I got to help in that little way, it’s kind of cool.

I also posted a few months ago that my sister was pregnant. Her due date is fast approaching (February 5th). Michelle is in Kentucky with no family. Please be praying for her. My mom plans on going up after the baby is born. I would love to go up, but we simply can’t afford it. Please be praying for her.

I am much better today, still dizzy and moving slow, but better. My husband has been the care taker of me, Kayla, and the younger two. He is in bed, sick right now. Pray for healing over him. He’s been the one to get up with the kids at night, tend to Kayla and to me. He’s worn out.

More later. Thanks for praying for my friend Gail. I do hope you will take the time to read a little about her.


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