I haven’t been online in several days. I was scheduled for two teeth to be extracted on Thursday; that didn’t even happen. I got up so sick on Wednesday, I literally could not get up. After hours of up-chucking and excruciating pain, my husband attempted to get me to the hospital, I was so weak, I couldn’t do it, not to mention every time I moved my head in the least little bit, I got sick. My husband had to call for an ambulance and they had to help me to the stretcher, all along getting sick with the movement… they gave me an I.V.’s and before I got to the hospital the vomiting has subsided. I was given more nausea medicine and two different pain medications and was told it was a migraine. I’ve had migraines before, and this was unlike any migraine I have ever had in my life! By the time I got home, I was in extreme pain again and vomiting. I was scared. I’ve been up more today than yesterday. My pain in my head and neck is gone, still nausea and limited on what I can eat and have to move slowly and not turn my head fast or I get real dizzy again. I “fear” this has something to do with my head injury on Christmas Eve. I was assured it is not, but their lack of concern does not reassure me.

I’ve been reading and catching up on some posts from some the Proverb31 ladies. One of them wrote about having big dreams. I was reminded of a quote from D.L. Moody. D.L. Moody said, apparently on his death bed, “If God is your partner, have a big plan!” At one time, that quote was my signature on everything; seems I’ve forgotten it lately. So, I’m reminding myself, and everyone else that might need to be reminded, “IF God is YOUR partner, have a BIG plan!” You never know what He has in store for ya!

God Bless.